Here is Walmart's coupon policy:

(Click on the Ad Match Guarantee to the right)

A few quick tips:
1. Walmart will give you overage in cash.
**Example: Tide Laundry Detergent is $4.50 a bottle, and you have a $5/1 coupon. They will give you $0.50 back in cash every time you purchase the laundry detergent bottle.
2. Walmart DOES NOT double coupons. (Kroger and Meijer will double the face value of the coupon up to $0.50)
**Example: You have a coupon for $0.25/1 Cheez It box coupon. They will double it to $0.50/1. If you have a $0.50/1 Mentos Gum coupon, they will double it to $1.00/1).
3. They do accept B1G1 (Buy one Get one) free coupons.
4. They will match any competitors price WITHOUT an ad.

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